Update Status on TPS

It has been announced that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is due to terminate the Temporary Protection Status (TPS) designation to Salvadorans on September 9, 2019.

This follows the DHS decision of TPS termination status to Nicaraguans for January 5, 2019.

Affecting hundreds of thousands of Nicaraguans and Salvadorans who have resided in the US for several decades, they will need to find an alternative method of legalizing their status or leave the US.

DHS has not yet reached a decision regarding Hondurans. As a result, the TPS deadline will be automatically extended for 6 months, moving the deadline from January 5, 2018 to the new date of July 5, 2018.

DHS Announcement

Decisions regarding TPS designation for other countries will be held on the following dates:

November 23, 2017 – HAITI

January 30, 2018 – SYRIA

April 25, 2018 – NEPAL

July 5, 2018 – YEMEN

July 19, 2018 – SOMALIA

March 3, 2019 – SOUTH SUDAN


Resources regarding TPS are available below:
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U.S. Department of Justice Office of Special Counsel (OSC)
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