Prevent Zika

What is the Zika Virus?

In 2015, Brazil and the rest of Latin America faced a major Zika epidemic in which millions of families were affected. A virus that produced little symptoms caused birth defects as well as neurological problems as pregnant women transmitted the virus to the fetus. As a  result, many babies were born with a smaller head than normal head known as microcephaly. Mosquitos are the primary cause for the epidemic as campaigns have called for Zika awareness and how people can take precaution. 

What is Being Done About It?

Today, the campaign continues as Zika currently has no known cure. Countries and respective organizations have warned travelers on the risks of contracting the virus if they venture to parts of Latin America. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have responded by actively campaigning for Zika awareness, reducing transmission rates and preventing/minimizing the risks of becoming infected with the virus. 


Are you traveling to Latin American? Learn how you can protect yourself from the Zika Virus. 

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