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The After School Program's main goal is to provide quality services in a compassionate and caring manner, where parents and children are treated with respect and dignity. The After School program not only provides children with a learning opportunity, it also helps them to improve their self-confidence. In addition, to enhance and enrich the lives of children as they become young adults, while working as a team towards common goals. The After School Program offers quality educational, recreational and cultural programs that promote the social, physical, intellectual and emotional development of children and youth, as well as the family as a whole.

More than 40 children from different backgrounds are served by the DAS after School Program. Due to the high demand of programs like this in our community, DAS has implemented an additional After School Program. The hours of operation are 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM, Monday thru Friday; at a time when school- aged children are most in need of a safe and supportive environment. They receive support in exploring arts and culture through reading, homework help, and site visits. Homework is a priority, Tutors work hard to make sure all assignments are completed and guide students to correct their own errors. Additionally, they can make use of our Computer Resource Center to improve their literacy in computer skills. This is a way to prepare them for the future, as the use of computer is very important for their academic development.

The DAS After School Program balances what children learn in school and strengthens their sense of belonging to the community in which they live by reinforcing the importance of being bilingual and speaking their mother tongue language fluently. With the help of young volunteers, children complete their homework and review their lessons.

The expressions of gratitude from parents are continuous. They believe that their children need additional time to be involved in the quality, enriching academic activities offered here at DAS.

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