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Want to improve your English?

The Dominico American Society of Queens in conjunction with HITN Career Fast Track, a distance learning program, is currently offering FREE online resources to help you improve your English language skills.

  This program is provided thanks to a grant from the New York State Department of Labor and a partnership with Open English. Read more...

Learn English with your TV
The Dominico American Society of Queens in collaboration with the Mayor's Office of adult education invites you to learn English with the service "we are New York",
We Are New York is an Emmy Award-winning half-hour TV show.

You can watch the show on Mondays at 12:30 pm and Sundays at 7:30 am on Channel 25 (or Channel 22 on Cablevision). You can also watch it on Fridays at 10:00 pm  and Sundays at 1:00 pm on Channel 74.
For more information visit We Are New York page.

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ESOL Level I:
Introduction to the English language in a job scenario
This introductory class is designed to open the student’s mind and prepare them to begin their understanding of English as a second language.  Students will begin by learning the basic language skills such as the English alphabet, numbers, vowels, pronunciation of simple words, colors, and how to ask and answer common questions.  Halfway through the course students begin to transition to learning about common verbs, tense and use of common phrases in workplace and social conversation. The course’s main objective is to achieve a basic working understanding of the English language and to learn appropriate words and tenses in communication.   This three-month course, with a capacity of 20 students per semester, provides students with stronger communication skills in the English language and increases students confidence when engaging in daily conversation.

An Introduction to Expository writing in a job scenario
This second level course integrates language skills with an emphasis on improving English proficiency and understanding of North American culture.  It includes continued practice in listening, speaking, pronunciation techniques, as well as vocabulary building, grammar, reading, writing and learning strategies.  Through this course, students are able to develop a greater set of communication skills.  Students are given daily exercises to practice what they learn both in the classroom setting and at work.  This three-month courses with a capacity of 30 students per semester, provides students with the capacity of short conversation.

Communication in a Professional setting to improve job skill
The goal of the class is to enhance the ability of each student to improve their English grammar, writing and reading skills.  This class also prepares students to find better job opportunities by speaking in their second language and to feel confident when reading or writing. ESL III is appropriate for students who would like to master the language beyond basic comprehension. This three-month course with a capacity of 20 students per semester provides students with the capacity to communicate and write in English.


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