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Welcome to our Computer Program Page

Wherever we look, we find computers all around us. From our homes to our work places, computers have become essential in our daily lives.  For those who have grown up in this great country of ours, it’s been a smooth transition, since we have developed at par with the technology. Our schools have been teaching our kids about computers for many years now, and they are far ahead in the use of Information Technology (IT).

But when a person comes to our doors seeking to enroll in one of our computer classes, we can see a hidden reality within our own community. The majority of our immigrant population lacks the most basic computer skills, and this should not be a surprise to us. Other countries do not have the infrastructure or educational programs that prepare them to compete in our current market.

You may think that this may have no effect on you or me, but the reality is that this affects us all. Our own government spends millions in placing services online. Our banks and markets depend more and more on online services. When someone becomes a victim of fraud, you can bet that the monetary loss somehow will ripple on all us. 

The people that enroll in our computer classes come from all around the world, especially from our own hemisphere: the Caribbean, as well as Central and South America. They are displaced workers, business persons, entrepreneurs and parents trying to help their kids with their homework. Our computer students are motivated people that want to acquire computer skills to improve or secure their job. They sometimes feel like out of place with all the technology around them and very often feel prey to scams and other related crimes.

For those of us that have computers at home, the internet is our first choice when we are seeking information. However, this choice is not available to many minority groups in our country. Many studies confirm that there is a gap in computer skills between the immigrant community and the majority of the population.
On the other hand, other studies show that competency in Information Technology is necessary to participate in the major aspects of our society. This gap may be closing among the youth, but the adult population continues to lag behind.

As an organization that seeks for the advancement of our community, DAS is committed to closing this gap and preparing our families to take advantage of information technology and its tools. Doing so, our community will be better positioned to participate in all sectors of our society.

Our computer programs are designed with the community’s needs in mind. We recognize the parents needs to properly supervise their children’s computer habits; as well as the educational limitation of many people and the little time that they may dedicate to study. Our courses address those situations by offering key lessons in safety, practicality, flexible schedules and student’s customized hand-on training.

Since the vast majority of our clients are Spanish speakers, most of our courses and workshops are taught in Spanish. However, we try very hard to make a transition into English by producing exercises and maintaining all terms and program interfaces in English. Our bilingual instructors are well trained and have a vast experience in the computer field. 
With the current economy, many of our students are unemployed and need retraining. That’s why with our combined effort with our closest business sectors, we produce courses and workshops that prepare our students to obtain the necessary skills. They will be able to fill available jobs, or at least have a chance to compete with other candidates.
An educated community is a strong community.

Some of the courses and workshops we offer are:

  • Introduction to the PC, Windows,Internet and MS Word
  • MS Word Intermediate – Advance
  • MS Excel Beginning – Intermediate
  • Power Point
  • Basic Multimedia Production
  • Protecting my computer, my family and myself (a Security Workshop)
  • Buying and selling on Ebay (Workshop)
  • Audio and Video for my Ipod or Media Player (Workshop)

You can download course outlines on this page and find out about course availability. If you are interested in taking a course or workshop, please add your name to our waiting list.


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