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Julio Hernandez Abreu

Julio is graduated from Herbert H. Leman College in Bronx, NY, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics.
After his graduation he studied various courses in immigration law, which is the field that he exercises the most. Mr. Hernandez has worked for more than 20 years on immigration issues, helping a large amount of immigrants obtain their US citizenship.

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Welcome to our US Citizenship and Naturalization Program Page

The purpose of DAS Civic Participation Program is to educate and prepare residents interested in becoming citizens of the United States with a comprehensive course that provides an understanding of U.S. History, the Constitution, and Democratic principles.

This program began in July of 2005, and thanks to the hard work of the DAS staff and the course’s Instructor, it has met with great success.

Throughout the years we have had several hundreds of people become citizens and engage in our national tradition of civic engagement and participation. Our students have been active in voting in the last Presidential elections, engaged in Candidate Debate Forums, obtained better jobs, and expedited their request for family reunification of their loved ones. To this date, more than 500 people have obtained their citizenship thanks to the DAS civic classes.

DAS citizenship programs follow a very practical, easy and effective curriculum. You are not required to be proficient in English to take this class; however, it’s very important that the person is willing to learn and do their assigned homework. We have hundreds of testimonials from our students which highlight the effectiveness of this course.
If you like to take this course, you must have an interview date. Please call us for more information.




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