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The Dominico American Society of Queens

The Dominico-American Society of Queens, INC (DAS) has a firm commitment to the privacy of our friends and supporters.  We do not collect any information from those individuals or organizations viewing our website unless volunteered. 

DAS also protects the privacy of all its contributors and associates by not providing any information to outside parties without prior consent.

If a friend or supporter wishes to not receive solicitation from the Dominico-American Society of Queens, INC or wishes to update their contact information, please send an email to or by the USPS to:

Dominico-American Society of Queens, INC
40-27 97th Street, 1st Floor
Corona NY, 11368




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Dominico-American Society of Queens
40-27 97th Street • Corona NY 11368 | Phone: (718) 457-5395 / (718) 457-5312 • Fax: (718) 457-5303

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