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DAS President - Awad

Joseph P. Awad
President, DAS Board of Trustees

Our President's Message

In keeping with its mission, in place since its birth in 1993, DAS provides high quality after-school programs, wonderful English lessons for community members ambitiously networking in our Queens community, Civic Participation Programs that teach the U. S. Constitution and Democratic principles, varieties of free legal seminars, medical/health care awareness programs, networking for Latino businesspersons and other community services and events. Since our last Dinner Gala and Dance, DAS has faced seeming abandonment by the executive branch of federal and state government in Washington and Albany.  While tax cuts for the wealthy and the privileged remain a priority, prosperity for the poor and the working and middle classes has been jeopardized.

We’re so very thankful that despite such a recent harsh climate, when a surprising number of talking heads and their congregants find it fashionable to berate the immigrant community, DAS can honor public and private leaders who stand strong against such bullies and help so much and so often the Latino community of Queens. DAS recognizes these ladies and gentlemen with awards because each of them is a person of exceptional integrity, which is exceeded only by their generosity and personal commitment to serve their Latino community. They share a common ideological bond:  that while those with little economic power may be treated politically unfashionable by the rich and powerful, most importantly they are good and decent neighbors who are not without human needs.

We also celebrate the exceptional service and kindness achieved by our staff employees and volunteers, whose work and sacrifice demonstrate the democratic principles President Kennedy, called the quality of courage.  These ladies and gentlemen continue to serve all who asked for help in accordance with the highest standards of quality, hard work and exceptional ethics. When funds were severely challenged by budget cuts, they forewent paychecks until future dates so they could continue to teach, assist and serve those who have no voice and who are easily forgotten.

In keeping with the proud American heritage that the democratic rights of men and women come from the hand of God and can never be diminished by government or its budget cuts, DAS employees and volunteers never shirked from DAS’s mission or responsibilities to serve the Queens Low income and Immigrant community.  Their energy, their faith, their devotion have inspired grander, more ambitious and breath taking goals. We cannot afford to forget their commitment and sacrifices in the coming years.

I am pleased to announce these ladies and gentlemen have inspired new and greater services by DAS to the community in: Education and Test Taking; Health and Medical Awareness, Job and College Opportunities, Legal Help Free Clinics.

Each of you who celebrate with us is very special.  There’s something special about every American.  Either you or your ancestors woke up one morning and chose to come here despite the hardships that inevitably lay ahead on the path to New York City.   Immigrants often have little money and limited education and yet in the face of poverty and adversity refuse to give up.  Your dream of something better, often not for yourself, but for your children, is the American dream shared by tens of millions for hundreds of years.  Still, each generation has its challenges and I am amazed how some Americans behave and speak so harshly of immigrants, forgetting that they themselves are a product of immigration. Join us in our efforts by volunteering time, making a donation, recommending DAS throughout the Latino communities, visiting our web site and never miss an opportunity to vote for and support public leaders who meet the test of democratic ideals.


God Bless America,
Si Se Puede,

Joseph P. Awad
President, DAS Board of Trustees

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